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RACHEL Servers with Kolibri

Delivering new content to Securebooks, without putting Securebooks online, is a bit of a task. RACHEL by World Possible make this a lot easier. RACHEL can be thought of as a feature filled wireless USB stick. World Possible pre-loads a lot content (our content takes the form of copies of web-pages, PDFs, videos, etc.) and you can add your own content to RACHEL. Once you've added your content to RACHEL, up to 20 devices can connect to RAHCEL and download or view that content. It provides a central place for managing offline content.

Some of the best ways to add content to RACHEL include using offline copies of Moodle or Canvas, both of which are available on RACHEL. These copies have all the look and feel of your on campus or online Moodle or Canvas, but are completely separate and offline. Similar to Moodle or Canvas is Kolibri. Kolibri has the added benefit that allows a group of people to upload content from their home or office to a central storage area. RACHEL can then be put online and synced to Kolibri to grab that content. Securebooks then connect to RACHEL to download that content from Kolibri on RACHEL. Kolibri also has a host of educational pre-loaded content available, such as Khan Academy with quizzes.

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