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Technology Solutions for Higher Education and Digital Literacy in Corrections

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Finding the Tech Sweet Spot

Since 2014, World Possible has helped state agencies, colleges, and nonprofits deploy technology inside correctional facilities safely and effectively.

Best practices around this include building a student network (intranet), which can be as small as a single room or as large as a statewide network, to host educational content for students and transfer content between students and teachers. Not everyone is comfortable starting here though.

We work in small steps, consulting and providing some hardware to DOCs and jails, colleges and NGOs. 

Our work can start at any of the below and continue to progress into more complicated and effective tools as desired:

Case Study: Washington State DCYF

Though our offline servers have been deployed in over 400 jails and prisons across the country, our most hands-on deployment has been with Washington State DCYF. 

In 2019, DCYF engaged World Possible to draft and implement a secure technology plan for higher education inside their secure and community facilities. In 2023, over 200 students were involved in post-secondary education using our offline and hybrid offline solutions. DCYF allowed us to interview key constituents, including state admin staff, state IT staff, college staff, living unit staff, and students. Those full interviews are here:

Lisa McAllister, DCYF

Office Chief for ReEntry

Lyz Grant, Centralia College

Dean of Corrections Education

Dan Cahill, DCYF

Senior Manager, IT Operations

Andre R, Student

College Graduate

Lisa Spitzer, Centralia College

Math Professor

Joe Burr, Centralia College

ENG Comp Professor, Advisor

Brian White, Green Hill

Residential Counselor

Ronald E, Student

College Graduate

Brian Christman, DCYF

Network Admin and Design

Gerdon Jones, DCYF

Post-Secondary Education Admin

Paige Baldwin, Green Hill

Program Manager, ReEntry

Guillermo P, Student

College Graduate

Technical Support for Existing Deployments

Please find your state in the menu bar above for support resources specific to your State's deployment.

Getting Started

There are 3 ways to get started with World Possible Justice

1. Purchase Securebook laptops with our content-rich Endless OS installed (World Possible consults with Endless Foundation to create Endless OS for Corrections

2. Purchase our RACHEL servers which create a small offline network and shared access to offline copies of educational materials

3. Reach out to us to design a more robust deployment around hybrid offline learning management and content management solutions -

About us - a non-profit born from corrections

In 2015, Frank Martin was nearing the end of his 20 years time working in Corrections as the Education Administrator for the Oregon Youth Authority (“OYA”). Frank was faced with educating a youth population that stretched up to 25 years old, meaning Frank needed solutions for all levels of education from k-12 to college. Operating with limited budgets, overburdened staff, and sometimes challenging students, Frank knew technology could help solve his problems. Frank’s mission was how to implement technology solutions securely, at a low-cost, and across remote locations with limited IT support, while staying true to the educational goals he had for his students.

While searching out this solution, Frank found World Possible, a nonprofit organization connecting offline learners to the World’s knowledge with operations around the globe focused on delivering free digital “Open Educational Resources” to offline communities. World Possible’s free suite of offline resources were the answer Frank was looking for. After deploying World Possible’s RACHEL througout OYA in 2016, World Possible received a grant for his work (Huffington Post Article), and Frank officially joined the World Possible team to lead the development of a suite education technology solutions suited for Corrections.

Today, World Possible Justice provides not only the technology, but also the guidance to develop the appropriate policy, process and procedure to education technology in Corrections. We are proud to work with you to help deploy meaningful educational opportunities whether your jurisdictions is starting from nothing or looking to take back control of education from a commercial provider. Our layering approach to technology helps organize solutions from easiest to implement (or advocate for internally) to more challenging, however any combination of layers can be used in any sequence.


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