Imaging Computers at CF's and Institutions with Nov21:

You will need a docking station with USB ports and a reset USB. The most up to date reset USBs are labeled Nov21.

If necessary, image a device:

  1. If necessary, backup student home folder to a USB drive before imaging computers

  2. Dock the laptop (powered off) with a reset USB plugged into the docking station

  3. Boot the computer, at the American Megatrends BIOS screen press Fn + F12 key repeatedly. You should be asked to enter a password. Enter the BIOS password.

  4. Boot to the UEFI USB Drive. After that the process is pretty automatic but takes between two and five hours to finish.


Running the First Setup Script to finalize the new image:

The Red Wi-Fi Docking Station is optional here, but it will help to ensure that you have entered the correct Wi-Fi credentials. Additionally you will need the following information for the setup process: the student name and JRA number, the new jadmin password, the current time and date, and the Wi-Fi SSID and Password for the network that students are approved to access.

  1. Log in as the jadmin account.

  2. Open the Terminal Application by clicking the terminal button on the desktop or even taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Simply press the up arrow key until the command "sudo bash first_setup.sh" appears for you then hit enter.

  4. Follow the on screen text prompts entering the information you collected before starting the first setup script.

  5. After finishing the script (the last step should have been entering the wifi password), reboot the securebook.

Additional Information

Find additional helpful Tutorials and Guides about the World Possible Securebook and Endless OS at World Possible Justice Documentation.