Re-imaging is currently done by shipping devices to World Possible

You can obtain a shipping label from jeremy@worldpossible.org. Please provide a list of student names and JRA numbers, as well as cottage.

World Possible will run DCYF v17

  1. This will set the jadmin password to the DCYF custom password

  2. This will set the WiFi to connect to DCYF_Edu_1 with a password based on the Green Hill School system as provided by Geo.

  3. After imaging, World Possible will run first_setup.sh to set a username, password, and clock

Additional Information

Find additional helpful Tutorials and Guides about the World Possible Securebook and Endless OS at World Possible Justice Documentation.

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Michael Dryden - michael@worldpossible.org

Paige Coleman - paige@worldpossible.org