Kolibri Syncing

We call this Layer 2 because we now enable one-way content delivery (from the internet, to RACHEL, to Securebooks). We keep the students and their Securebooks off the Internet. We do connect them to RACHEL, but RACHEL is not on the internet, just a wireless connection point that hosts content (kind of like how when you're on an airplane and you an watch a small sample of movies or TV shows without internet).

Our first operational deployment of this is for Echo Glen High School and Echo Glen Children's Center (closed custody youth correctional facility). The teachers are not being allowed to deliver in person instruction due to COVID. Teachers are recording videos on a weekly basis for the students. Included in the videos are instructions to complete and print for turn in. RACHEL devices are put online for an hour or so on a weekly basis to get new content

Uploading Content to Kolibri Studio

Kolibri Studio

Syncing RACHEL to Kolibri Studio

You have two choices to update RACHEL. Either you can (a) put RACHEL on the internet. From there, you will use a laptop or tablet to connect to RACHEL

Updating Securebooks w/ Kolibri

  1. If you haven't used the admin account to configure WiFi access, make sure to use the admin account to configure WiFi access so that the Securebook can connect from the red docking station to the WiFi singal. A Securebook will have to be configured the first time it is placed on any new docking station. If you have multiple docking stations in a room, the admin should configure WiFi access on each docking station.

  2. Log-in as the student account

  3. The Kolibri app icon should be on the desktop, if it is not, please search the main search bar for "Kolibri"

  4. Log-in to Kolibri or check to confirm you are logged in as student, this is as basic as typing in "student" in the user name.

  5. Select Device in the top left menu. If you do not have see Device you have either not logged in as student or the Kolibri set-up is not configured correctly.

  6. Click the import button on the right side

  7. Select the pre-configured RACHEL option if available. If not, you may have to type in RACHEL's IP address, which is nearly always if you are accessing RACHEL over WiFi. After completing this process once, the device will save that IP address for future use.

  8. Select the entire channels up top.

  9. Select all on the page

  10. Import

  11. Tasks will start and can take a long time depending on how many new videos are needed.