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Creating Admin Tools USB

The instructions below detail the process of creating the EOS Admin Tools USB.


  • USB Device

To accomplish this process, please follow these steps:

  1. Plug a USB device into your computer

  2. Clear all content from the device

  3. Right click the device and select the "Format..." option

  4. In the File System section, choose exFat from the drop down list options

  5. Rename the Volume Label to "admin_tools"

  6. Select the Start button

  7. Click "OK" on the prompt that pops up.

  8. Open a Web Browser and download this file:

  9. Save the file to the admin_tools USB

  10. Right click the file and select "Extract Here"

  11. Once the files have been extracted (you can tell cause there will be a new eos-admin-tools-NY file without the .zip extension) delete the file

  12. Eject the admin_tools USB device

Using Admin Tools USB

The instructions below detail the process of using the EOS Admin Tools.


  • Admin Tools USB Device

  • Securebook

  • Black (USB) Docking Station

To accomplish this process, please follow these steps:

  1. Dock the Securebook to the Black (USB) Docking Station

  2. Plug in the admin_tools USB to the Docking Station

  3. Power on the Securebook and log into the Jadmin account

  4. Open the Documents Explorer

  5. Navigate to the admin_tools USB

  6. Click the Desktop and Type "terminal" into the searchbar

  7. Open the Terminal applicaiton and move it to the right side of the screen away from the Document Explorer

  8. Click on the Document Explorer and open the eos-admin-tools-NY folder

  9. Drag and Drop the admin-tools file from the Document Explorer to the Terminal Window

  10. Click on the Terminal Window to make it the main window

  11. Hit the Enter key to run the admin_tools program

  12. From the admin_tools menu, choose the option or options that you need to run

Recovery USB Installation

To re-imaging a Securebook using a reset USB, follow this tutorial: Recovery USB Installation

Creating/Editing User Accounts:

To Create and/or Edit Endless OS User Accounts, follow this tutorial: Create/Edit User Accounts

Additional Information

Find additional helpful Tutorials and Guides about the World Possible Securebook and Endless OS at World Possible Justice Documentation.

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