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Technical Notes: Endless Justice is Linux distribution built on Endless OS. Endless OS is based on Ubuntu Gnome, however the entire Endless filesystem is largely "read-only" except for user specific home folders. This means that individual applications are sandboxed as Flatpaks, through Flathub.

These features of Endless Justice are great at making a secure, relatively simple, operating system at low cost, but can make remote management or more complicated network administration impossible.

The original intent of this product is for corrections setting where little to no IT support exists (many youth correctional facilities, adult facility classrooms and libraries, county jails, etc). Recently, however, the devices have become part of larger state-wide programs and can be used in this context.

As a standalone device, Endless Justice Securebooks provide millions of free educational resources, inspirational videos, introductions to coding, digital literacy tools, a pathway for custom content, and much more.

If the limitations of Endless create more problems than they solve, Securebooks can always be repurposed with Windows (any standard distribution) or Chrome OS (via Neverware) however the free content and software will obviously not be included in those Operating Systems.

Endless Justice is created by non-profits World Possible and The Endless OS Foundation specifically for youth and adults in custody. We believe in building capacity for the students and staff to manage their own deployments and focus heavily on education. Endless Justice is currently only installed on Securebooks by Justice Tech Solutions.

For topics not covered in the presentations below, alternate sources of support include:

World Possible Justice Documentation:

The Endless OS Forums:

World Possible:

Endless OS Deployments Team:

Individual App Issues:

Layer 2 Deployments rely heavily on Kolibri created by the non-profit Learning Equality.

Kolibri Support:

For issues with Securebook hardware, please use the "Ask a Question" section at Justice Tech Solutions

Technical Support Resources

Hardware Overview

  • A visual overview of both WP Securebook Docking Stations.

  • Displays and Labels ports and functions of the Black (USB) Docking Station.

  • Displays and Labels ports and functions of the Red (Wi-Fi) Docking Station.

WP - Justice Docs - Hardware Overview

How To Use Black Docking Station

  • A visual tutorial to docking and accessing USB devices with the Securebook.

  • Requires the Securebook to be docked to the Black (USB) Docking Station.

  • Securebooks are not limited to the use of a singular Black (USB) Docking Station.

WP - Justice Docs - USB Dock

How To Use Red Docking Station

  • A visual tutorial to docking and accessing Wi-Fi networks with the Securebook.

  • Requires the Securebook to be docked to the Red (Wi-Fi) Docking Station.

  • Securebooks are not limited to the use of a singular Red (Wi-Fi) Docking Station.

WP _ Justice Docs - Wi-Fi Dock

Recovery USB Install

  • Use only the most recent image provided by World Possible.

  • Only do this under advisory, this isn't a quick fix but rather a complete reset.

  • Requires the Securebook to be docked to the Black (USB) Docking Station

WP - Justice Docs - Recovery USB Install

Logging In

  • During initial setup process, only jadmin should log in.

  • Demonstrates how to access accounts not listed.

  • Shows how to access the Universal Access Tools for ease of access.

WP - Justice Docs - Logging In

Run first_setup script

  • Should only be run during the initial setup process.

  • Should only be run by jadmin.

  • All input information should be collected prior to running the first_setup script.

WP _ Justice Docs - Run first_setup Script

Create/Edit User Accounts

  • Make sure to only create "student" accounts for students

  • Student account passwords can be changed at anytime by an admin, no need to worry about a student changing their own password

  • Creating a new account for a student can often cure any issues as OS is read only

WP - Justice Docs - Create/Edit User

Accessing Student Files

  • A manual process to access the student account from an administrator account.

  • Requires being logged into an account with administrator privileges such as jadmin.

  • Can also be used to transfer files and change permissions of those files.

WP _ Justice Docs - Accessing Student Files

Distribute Content to a User

  • A manual process to upload new content for a user account of the Securebook to access

  • Requires putting the Securebook on a docking station

  • Requires formatting the USB to work across Linux and Windows (exFAT)

WP - Justice Docs - Moving Content USB

Installing New Applications

  • New installations must be carefully planned as there is a limited amount of memory in the WP Securebooks.

  • Installing new apps requires being docked on the Red (Wi-Fi) Docking Station and connection to Wi-Fi network.

  • This guide also shows how to uninstall Endless applications and how to add applications to the desktop.

WP - Justice Docs - Install New Applications

Pin Apps To Taskbar

  • This process can be done by any user.

  • This guide also shows how to unpin applications from the taskbar.

  • Use this technique for quick access to common or important applications.

WP _ Justice Docs - Pin Apps to Taskbar

Viewing Hidden Files

  • This process can be done by any user.

  • This process also show how to hide hidden files in the file explorer.

  • Files and folders are hidden when named with a "." at the beginning. Ex: .secretFile.txt would be hidden until hidden files are displayed.

WP - Justice Docs - Viewing Hidden Files

Settings User Interface

  • A collection of guides on changing a number of Endless Settings.

  • May require the use of jadmin credentials.

  • Contains the Universal Access Tools Tutorials for those will sensory disabilities.

WP - Justice Docs - Settings UI

RACHEL-Plus Guide

  • A collection of guides on using and maintaining the RACHEL-Plus Server.

  • RACHEL-Plus Server Admin credentials are required to edit modules.

  • Modules can be installed while connected to the internet or offline by using a zip file of the module.

WP _ Justice Docs - RACHEL Plus Guide

Advanced Technical Tutorials

  • These processes should only be used under advisory

  • Changing Wi-Fi credentials requires jadmin credentials.

  • Changing Student Account Password requires jadmin credentials.

WP - Justice Docs - Advanced Technical Tutorials

Endless Justice HP Probook Only

The trainings below labeled "Probook Only" refer to our Probook 4.0 based on HP Hardware - these are in limited locations

Probook Only - WiFi Connect

  • Must be logged in an admin account

  • Requires computer by docked on HP Slimdock, power to the docking station, and Panda Wireless USB WiFI dongle

  • Log out when process is over

Probook Only - Connect to WiFi

Probook Only - Unlock WiFi

  • Must have BIOS password to enter BIOS

  • Should only be enabled once approved by the appropriate IT personnel

  • This feature is designed for students who must leave the facility for college or school

  • This process should only be completed by someone with the technical expertise to execute them appropriately

  • If you would like detailed instructions, please submit a support request below

Probook Only - Reset Device

  • This process will delete all user accounts, files, and customizations on your Securebook

  • Please plug the USB into the dock before adding the Probook to the dock

  • Requires (1) BIOS password (not just admin rights), (2) USB from World Possible and (3) HP slim docking station

  • This process should only be completed by someone with the technical expertise to execute them appropriately

  • Anyone who has access to the BIOS password can unlock features of these devices which present security risks

  • Boot to USB, press enter 2x, yes 2x, wait 30 min

  • If you would like detailed instructions, please submit a support request below

Advanced Technical Support Notes

There are many advanced ways for technically savvy individuals to manage Endless devices. The Endless community forums are the best place to start. Some particularly helpful tidbits using the terminal:

  • flatpaks are stored at: /var/lib/flatpak/app

  • flatpaks can be un-installed using the command: flatpak uninstall -y {app name}

  • flatpaks are creations of independent third parties hoping to deliver quality content for free, but they are not always high quality and are sometimes buggy. That is a drawback of the open resources community, but a reality outside facility walls as well. We provide extremely limited support for individual apps.

  • flatpaks in Endless do NOT share the user name or admin accounts of Endless, they operate entirely independently. We recommend that Virtual School and Kolibri be pre-registered with an admin username and password as these apps utilize admin accounts. Students may create other user names in other apps.

  • Endless by default has a wonderful help section pre-installed on the computer. It can be dated in some areas but is a good general resource when helping users troubleshoot

  • the default user desktop icon arrangement is stored at: /var/lib/eos-image-defaults/icon-grid/icon-grid-C.json

  • RACHEL, World Possible's offline content app, is merely a collection of HTML files stored at: /var/local/bin/rachel

  • if you have a regular process you follow the first time you boot up a computer, you can "script" this process to be relatively automated. This is requires understanding shell scripting but can be extraordinarily useful

  • if necessary, it is possible to find out what individuals have viewed what content. This is a difficult, manual process though, and should only be used if there is some PREA type concern about content viewing

  • an admin account in the wrong hands can be powerful and open things like changing other users passwords or entering WiFi passwords (if WiFi docks are available) - please keep these passwords safely guarded and change them from their default password upon arrival

  • once a layer 1 deployment is up and running, usually the biggest demand is finding an easy way to distribute new content to Securebooks. This is time to add a layer 2 deployment to your set-up

Video Library of Trainings

Many of the trainings above are also included in a YouTube video library here:

The first of these videos is available to the left of this text, however the full library is accessed by the above link.

Additional Information

Find additional helpful Tutorials and Guides about the World Possible Securebook and Endless OS at World Possible Justice Documentation.

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