Can I use RACHEL with Chromebooks?

Yes, you can add a RACHEL device to your existing chromebook deployments. Keep in mind, however, that Chromebooks usually depend on the Internet to allow students to sign-in and to store any work. If you add RACHEL to your Chromebook deployments, you have to work around this limitation of Chromebooks.

If you don't have any devices yet (Chromebooks or laptops), which recommend starting with Securebooks (which can run Chrome) that feature large internal storage drives so RACHEL content can be stored offline on the devices.

Servers - What Jurisdictions are using RACHEL?

We have hundreds of RACHEL servers inside correctional facilities. Based on order history, the following jurisdictions have obtained RACHEL. We make no claims about their ongoing use:

Laptops - What Jurisidictions are using Securebook laptops (which OS)?

  • Wisconsin Department of Corrections (Chrome via CloudReady)

  • Washington Department of Corrections (Windows 10)

  • Washington Department of Children, Youth, & Families (Endless Justice)

  • Oregon Department of Corrections (Windows 10)

Software - What Jurisidictions are using the Endless Justice operating system?

  • New York Office of Children and Families

  • Massachusettes Collaborative (Youth Corrections)

  • Oregon Youth Authority

  • Utah Department of Corrections

  • Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Deployment - What Jurisdictions are using Layer 3 deployments (remote teaching inside)?

  • Wisconsin Department of Corrections with Milwaukee Area Technical Colleges

  • Washington State Department of Corrections with various community and technical colleges

  • Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families with Centralia College