Content Overview

Included Free ("Open Source") Content 

RACHEL App by World Possible

The RACHEL App is produced by World Possible to provide copies of educational websites available offline. The full list of available website copies is hosted by World Possible. The RACHEL selection included on Endless Justice only includes:

World Possible Celebrity Messages to Incarcerated Youth

TED Talks / TED Talks Expanded - Six College Courses (CLEP Exam)

Saylor Academy - Eight College Courses (Saylor University)

Boundless Textbooks - Hundreds of College Textbooks

Wikipedia for Schools - A Vetted Encyclopedia

Great Books of the World - Public Domain Book Collection - Workforce and Lifeskills Development

Palouse Mindfulness - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Algebra2Go - Saddleback College Prealgebra

Math Expression - Math Tutor

Understanding Algebra - Algebra Textbook

CK-12 Textbooks

OLPC Educational Packages

The process of making a copy of website is time intensive, so for the most part, we limit the websites in RAHCEL to those that World Possible copies as part of our normal course of work. It is techincally possible however to add copies of other websites with sufficient skills in "web scraping" or HTTtrack software. Keep reading to learn more.

Kolibri App by Learning Equality

The Kolibri App brings offline learning to the next level. 

With Kolibri, users can login and view a wealth of offline education content, while administrators can get data about student use and progress. Kolibri is designed for offline environments, which gives it great tools for syncing new content offline. Whether you plan on needing to regulary deliver new content to users or you just want to use the free content through Kolibri, Kolibri is a great tool to organize videos or student exercises and deliver them to students without putting the students online.

A preview of Kolibri with full content pre-installed is here.

We currently only pre-install KA-Lite and the Khan Academy content, but not any other of Kolibri's content ("channels"), however, we do strongly recommend Kolibri if you want to deliver new content to users offline. For instance, if you want to record videos or create exercises and deliver them to students securely, we can use Kolibri and the online Kolibri Studio tools to do so. 

KA-Lite is the predecessor to Kolibri and students will transition from KA-Lite to Kolibri over time. For now, a preview of KA-Lite and its content installed on Endless Justice is here:

Khan Academy on Endless Justice

To use Kolibri best, we use a RACHEL server to bring in new content. This concept is further explained in the RACHEL and Kolibri Layer 2 pages.

Software Flatpaks by Endless Foundation and

As of June 2020, the default Endless Justice OS (version 3.8.3) includes the following software (flatpaks) pre-installed for free and unlimited use without internet. The Endless OS foundation gathers this open source software (flatpaks) from third parties and pre-installed for your convenience. They've also been mostly reviewed and vetted for appropriateness inside a correctional facility. 

Work Folder

Resume Builder*, My Budget*, HomeBank, Vroom (parenting skills)*, Cooking*, MuseScore (music creation), Spice-Up (presentation builder), Tux Paint, Inkscape (drawing), Farming*, Football, Planner

*no online preview available

Learn to Code Folder

Aqueducts, Frog Squash, Fablemaker, Video Games*, Etoys, HTML Tutorials*, Programming*, CSS Tutorials*

*no online preview available

Curiosity Folder

Tux Math, Math*, Myths & Legends*, KGeography, KBruch, KWordQuiz, History*, Physics*, Dinosaurs*, Green Curriculum*, Kalzium, Genius Math Tool, Travel*, Animals*, Play it Slowly, Astronomy*, Labryinth Mind Mapping, Sweet Home 3D, Blender, FreeCAD, GNU Image Manipulation, MuseScore 3, LeoCAD, OpenSCAD

*no online preview available

Other Core Apps on Desktop

Five Additonal Apps are placed by default right on the student's desktop given their high use:

Docs Shared with Me

Libre Office (Office Suite)

Words (Dictionary)

LMMS (Music Creation)

Scratch (Coding Lessons)

More Apps

There are hundreds of more free apps available online and some other apps available on the computer but not on the desktop. You can explore these in "More Apps." To get additional apps onto the computers, you have to either dock them and put them online (not recommended) or use an online PC to put the apps on a USB stick and transfer them to student computers.

Custom & Proprietary Content 

Custom Static Content from a Government Agency, College, or Facility

It is fairly common that after using Endless Justice Securebooks for some time, administrators realize there would be real value in bundling together static content that already exists in house and adding it to the Securebooks for student consumption. This is more than just adding documents to individual laptops, but rather a more comprehensive approach to bundling together treatment, Re-Entry, or educational content - PDFs, fillable forms, sample documents, user agreements, videos, living unit rules, drivers' ed manuals, etc. This content usually doesn't change much month over month and is a package of content not intended to be updated more than once a year. World Possible can help guide the creation of these packages or you can use basic HTML skills to modify the RACHEL App to include a custom set of content for your deployment.

With just a few hours learning the basics of HTML you'll be able to customize the RACHEL app on your own. To get started, you can check out our forum post on creating a module here. After you've created a module, you'll need to get it on your Securebook and edit the RACHEL app. To get started with that process, watch the video here.

For content requiring more frequent updates, we recommend utilizing RACHEL servers with Kolibri (Layer 2) or RACHEL-Pro Devices (Layer 3).

Oregon Youth Authority

The Oregon Youth Authority effort consisted of bundling together "workcrew vignettes" - or job training manuals that they already had in PDF form. The OYA team then tasked students with creating HTML to integrate the content into the RACHEL app.

View the OYA RACHEL module

Washington Department of Children, Youth, & Families

The Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families collected content from across the treatment and programming spectrum. DCYF launched the "content collection" drive a few months after debuting Securebooks. The results show buy-in across multiple agencies.

View the Washington DCYF RACHEL module

Oregon Law Library

The Oregon Youth Authority in partnership with World Possible obtained access to a copy of the Oregon Law Library. Providing this resource offline to students helped students understand their rights and responsibilities. This type of resource was in high demand amongst students.

View the Oregon Law Library

Proprietary Content from Paid or Donated Providers

Most deployments already pay license fees for some subscriptions to online learning resources. Many of these providers are perfectly capable of providing an offline copy of their content for use on Securebooks - sometimes all you have to do is ask. In some cases, the providers may be technically unable to provide the whole set of content and other times they may ask for additional fees to do so. There is almost always a couple of resources that would really benefit your particular students to have regular access to on their Securebooks. 

GED Academy by Essential Ed

GED Academy is a GED training resource that worked with one of the Washington closed custody facilities. While two other facilities were served by different school districts and used different software, GED Academy stepped up to create an Endless compatible offline GED resource that could be installed on each Securebook at minimal cost

GED Academy Website

College Courses by (formerly is a great online resource for obtaining college credits. As part a pilot program with OYA, donated a short series of college courses for offline use in youth corrections. This allowed youth to watch videos in their living units or when they had laptop access in and out of school Website

WOIS Career Information System

WOIS is the Career Information System utilized by the State of Washington. Prior to rolling out Securebooks, students had sporadic access to this resource in certain settings. WOIS provided World Possible an offline copy of their website and charged Washington DCYF a nominal fee to install it across all facilities

WOIS Website

Delivering New Content to Securebooks on a Frequent and Recurring Basis

This is a task that requires some kind of Internet either at the facility, or the ability to bring a USB stick into and out of the facility. We cover this concept more in depth in our discussion of RACHEL-Plus with Kolibri.

Other Free Websites or Free Online Content

World Possible is continually looking for additional content to take offline, that being said, the process of making an offline copy of an existing website can be quite time consuming and in some cases impossible. If you need content from an online website made available offline, you can (1) request the website provide you a HTML download of their site; (2) manually download the parts of the site you need as PDF files, HTML files, or .mp4 files; (3) use Windows software HTTrack to make a copy yourself; or (4) request World Possible's help in making a copy of the site.

If you choose path 4, World Possible will only help if the site is clearly licensed for Creative Commons use and has broad appeal across our corrections and international work. Even still, we will require some amount of donor funding to support the effort. Some websites can take hundreds of hours to offline. Websites with logins do not work for the most part. Websites which link out to other websites or other content sources also make for very poor candidates. Your best bet will always be working directly with the website to obtain the content you want or the HTML download. 

If you still want to request a us to review a website for inclusion in our offline website copy repository ( please fill out the following form.